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Dragonfly Farm is a family owned farm dedicated to the regeneration and health of the earth and it's humans. Vitality of water, soil, plants, humans, mycology and cellular renewal has been our focus for over 20 years. We have taken this focus and come up with an ideology that dictates our everyday life on our farm. Our surroundings of glaciers, mountains peaks, forests, healthy ecosystems and vibrant northern life gives us inspiration to keep it pure and natural. Clear cuts, disturbed water sheds and mans impact on our global community is our reality. We continue to learn about how we can impact the earth in a positive way. We have started with soil. Soil in its most basic form holds nutrients for the creation of life. Each region has its own soil which contains a microbial community that supports certain bacteria, fungi, microbes and ultimately plant life that is particular to that region. In areas that are undisturbed by human conditions, the soils are rich and contain all that a plant would need for it to grow to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, these soils are only available in our old growth forests and undisturbed riparian zones. It has become our passion here at Dragonfly Farm to create vital soil environments that help each seed that is planted to reach its fullest potential. Soils and humans need bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to have ultimate immune response and ideal growth.

When we first moved here our dream of simply throwing a pulaski into the ground. Easily turning up gardens to plant was only a dream. Our ground is full of rocks, with 2" of top soil. So, to simply throw a seed into the ground and have it grow to full potential is almost impossible. We had to get creative...

Today, our farm is full of terraced, fertile gardens growing huge veggies and fruits. It was possible was to create fertile soil by using the resources that we have on our farm. We live 2 hours from any garden store and buying compost or even manure was impossible because in our region, both are worth more than gold. We were forced to create a closed loop gardening system with bringing in only important inoculants and the occasional fish. We started with adding mycorrhizae, bacteria and wildcrafted herbal teas and compost piles to our soils. Tea brewing and utilizing only plant material and regenerative homemade and bought inoculants turned all of our depleted soils into living, vibrant soils that allow all plants to have ultimate yields.

DEM's Essential Cocoa products come from us drinking different raw cacao, healing herbs, medicinal mushroom brews for many years. We have tried so many different blends and feel that we have brought you our 3 favourite brews. Regenerative farming 10 acres on our own needs a good energy boost throughout each day. Coffee is not sustainable for the adrenal system and just herbal teas don't make you feel like you are being filled up and nourished at the same time.

Extensive education, and trial and error about mycorrhizae, bacteriae, regenerative herbs and medicinal mushrooms has helped us understand the necessity of replenishing the earth's soils and it's humans with products that revitalize health. All of our products are made with regenerative ingredients and come from farms and laboratories that are earth conscious. We have put a lot of heart and soil into our business and we hope that you will try our products because we know that your health and your garden's growth will improve. Bringing in natural intenshion with nature's plant kingdom, will open your heart and eyes to seeing Mother Nature as the very best mentor.

**Please see our Healing Properties page to learn about why we choose each ingredient in all of our products

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